Bible Truth 
Rochester Hills, Michigan

Schedule of Events

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  1. Wed
    Bible Study
    Wednesday night is a much needed break from the everyday pulls of life. As the worship begins to melt away noise and break up the fallow ground, you step up and get ready for the deep meat of the word of God. Armed with the bible, pen and paper, and now a heart to hear Gods voice; you follow along as Pastor reveals the types and shadows of the word.
  2. Mon
    Prayer Service
    A time given to the congregation to testify of the great things God is doing in their lives, make known their prayer requests and hear Manna (a short message from heaven), all before coming together as a body to pray. There is nothing greater than a unified body reaching heaven throne. You never know what can happen in a prayer service.
  3. Sun
    Sunday Morning Meeting Time
    12:30 PM
    Start off your morning prayer and worship. Sunday service is always amazing. From the worship and testimony service to the preaching and altar call; God shows up and lets you know He is there. The kids also love that Sunday is their day of "Sunday School". From ages 2-16, there is a class designed for their point in life.